Why would a  straight guy in his right mind name his blog So Dream On? Well, it turns out that So Dream On is a perfect anagram for my name, Don Moraes. Now I am not nearly conceited enough to name my blog after myself. Okay, that’s a lie. I’m just scared that using my name for a half-assed blog like this would would be like wrapping a pile of poo with cashmere; a complete waste. Using an anagram on the other hand still hints to people that I am a conceited prick, but in a more subliminal manner.

Anyway, to describe this as a photography blog would be fairly inaccurate. Mainly because I am not totally convinced myself that my work can be categorized as photography! Sure, it might have started off as a photograph at some point but somewhere along the way it changed into something quite different…in the same manner that Michael Jackson started off as a poor black boy but ended up a rich white woman!! People still loved him so I remain optimistic…

So if this isn’t photography, one might ask if I consider myself an artist. Yet again…no!! First of all because I am too damn petrified that I would have to cut off an ear before people took me seriously and also because I would hate to think that I needed to be dead before my work gained any sort of appreciation.

So I guess what this really is, is just a view of the world through my eyes. It may appear as though my life is just one large acid trip, but honestly, I just see the world in an over saturated and dreamlike manner.

Many may view this blog and immediately feel a gag reflex. For the rest, it may take a little while longer before you can taste last night’s dinner. However, studies do confirm that the time it takes before you throw up is directly proportionate to your tolerance of Justin Bieber’s music. So, while I expect that the only demographic capable of getting through the entire collection without sustaining permanent damage is nine year old girls, I suspect the majority of regular visitors will be bulimics looking for a fix. As for the rest of you brave enough to have ventured forth, good luck and god speed….


– Don Moraes

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  1. kiran pai says:

    You and your self deprecating humor. Your photography (and your photoshop?) skills are just fantastic, maccha.

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