Washed up…


David Nightingale, a world renowned photographer and one of my favourites, has this innate ability to make even the most mundane objects look dramatic. One of the galleries on his website is dedicated to photographs of random things that he finds washed up on the beach which range from shopping carts to discarded televisions. This inspired me to give it a go myself so I sped off to the beach one fine evening after work hoping to find something interesting. However, after scouring the beach for what seemed like an eternity, I came to the conclusion that the beaches of Dubai had nothing more exciting than a few ring pulls and a few dozen cigarette butts ( most of them probably my own ).

Then, just as I was about to lose all hope, the sunlight broke through the clouds and illuminated this old washed up plastic bucket that had missed my gaze, immediately transforming it into something truly magical. Ok, I might have exaggerated a little. The truth is, IT WASN’T EVEN A REMOTELY MAGICAL EXPERIENCE! It is absolutely depressing to waste forty five minutes of your life searching for trash on the beach to photograph especially when all you can come back home with is one crappy shot of a plastic bucket that was so boring, someone flung it into the sea to be rid of it. Kudos to David Nightingale though. I guess patience is what sets the pros apart from the rest.


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